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Just to clarify:

I didn’t buy the paintings from any external web sites but I have always dealt with Petar (owner of the company) and always with him. It was to him I gave my credit card information to pay for the three paintings. So it is to Art Network Canada that I have to ask the refund because they took my money and they did not deliver the 3rd painting. Moreover if Art Network Canada is overwhelmed as they are saying to justify the customer complains that are appearing on the web and they are a professional company they should have returned my calls or answered to my emails to explain the situation instead of disappearing completely as they did.

Better Business Bureau sent in my behalf a formal complain to Art Network Canada asking for refund and they did not answer. If a Company has nothing to hide and considers itself in a right position why doesn’t answer to a so accredited association created to protect Canadian customers from bad vendors?

I don’t understand how people write offensive message without even read carefully the story unless all these messages are coming from the same sources….the company itself….it would explain everything….

Original review posted by user Dec 20, 2012

I also had a very bad experience with this vendor. I dealt with the owner Peter.

I ordered 3 paintings because of an offer they had last summer. I received the firs 2 after several weeks and I never received the third one. I left several messages on Peter's cell phone and I send several emails. He has disappeared.

He has never got back to me and I lost 245.00 Canadian dollars.

I am going to make a formal complaint with Better Business Bureau and I suggest other people that had a bad experience like me to do so. In this way he may stop to trait consumers in this unprofessional way.

Monetary Loss: $257.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #599148

Well that would make sense but the poster above said she had placed her order for 3 but hasn't recieved the if she's placed the order then I think ANC should refund her because its out of groupon or whoever she got it froms hands now?

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada #588896

Purchased a canvas print from them on November 19th, 2012 as a Christmas gift. They took the payment and shipping off my credit card that same night.

As time went on, I sent several emails and left several voice-mails (no one ever answers the 1-888 number on their site). No one has returned my voice-mails or emails to date (January 3, 2013) except for a generic email received late the second week of December guaranteeing that orders placed up until then would be received by December 24th; then another generic one received December 24th (the day they guaranteed delivery by) stating that some orders, likely yours if you were reading it, would not be delivered in time and that you would receive a store credit of $75.00 (which I have also not received). I ended up going out on December 24th scrambling to find a gift for the person I had purchased this for. I demanded a refund via voice-mail and email, but once again got no response and as of today (January 3, 2013) it states my order was shipped with no tracking number or date of shipping.

This company is a fraud.

They take your money but do not provide the service paid for. It does not matter how many times and/or ways you try to contact them, they do not return your calls or emails.

to Disgusted ***sumer Toronto, Ontario, Canada #589263

This is not a fraud company! I ordered a few pieces of art through them and everything was great! They had a lot of orders going through at the holiday season therefore there must be some orders that couldn't be completed on time.

You should find better things to do in your life than posting *** on the websites!

to no name Toronto, Ontario, Canada #598168

Ur an *** no name! U should find better things to do in ur life than to post meaningless comments like " ya I received their products and they are great" ur probably the first person to say that! Do ur research *** and you will notice a string of complaints, which in turn, help consumers a lot more than ur useless comment lol..unless that is u are the person stealing these people's money?....

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #599107

They are not a fraud company, nor are they stealing your money. I have received my painting and yes, it was late by 3 weeks but I did receive it.

They are poorly runned but definitely are not a scam.

From the customer service person I talked with, they are a very small business who got overwhelmed with too many orders during the holidays. I also asked them about many people complaining they don't give refunds...which I thought was ***..apparently the reason they don't give refund is because many of the people buy voucher from sites like Groupon and anyone with half a brain would know that you ask for a refund from the place you bought it FROM not it seems many people are just very *** and spend all their time trying to get refunds from a place that really can't give it since they never technically bought it from that place...I guess it's too much to ask now a days that people actually research and learn something new rather than waste all their energies on the wrong source

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